Isaac Cordal (ES)

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish artist who since 2006 has placed miniature sculptures in public places around the world as part of an on-going series called Cement Eclipses.


Made with cement and reproduced using silicone molds, Cordal’s figurines are arranged in scenes that capture the absurdity of human existence through the simple act of miniaturization and and site-specific placement.


At just 25cm tall, his characters can be found hiding among the city streets in gutters, atop buildings and bus shelters, on walls and in other unusual and unlikely places. Embodying the spirit of guerrilla street art, little by little Cordal’s characters transform the urban environment in its natural habitat.


Born in 1974 in Pontevedra, Spain, Isaac graduated in Sculpture from the University of Fine Arts Pontevedra before dedicating the next five years of his life to studying the conservation of stone crafts at the School of Canteiros, also in Pontevedra. He is a founding member of, a digital art community from Galicia, and member of the artist collectives Ludd34560 and Sr. Pause.

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