Jussi TwoSeven (FI)

Jussi TwoSeven’s background lies in the graffiti art of the 1990s. He has received no formal art training, that is, if you choose to overlook the fact that he attended the Espoo School of Art from age 5 until his teens.


At art school, aged 12 to 13, he was interested in comic drawing but developed a fascination for graffiti after hearing about the late-night creative activities of his older peers. From there on, TwoSeven cut his teeth on the streets before downing tools for a number of years and re-emerging as a stencil artist in the mid-noughties.


For TwoSeven, his comeback was no longer about the excitement or intrigue of graffiti. Instead, he was focused purely on creating images and discovering his own style in the form of highly detailed, stencil-based artworks that combine photographic precision with a painterly finish that includes splashes and drips. Drawing on environmental debates in his native Finland, his recent work features animals that are the victims of human interference in nature.


Otso Kantokorpi [abridged]



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