Conference Day 2


From Art Heists to Street Art: Hidden Histories Revealed in the Most Unlikely of Places

Artist presentation by Julien de Casabianca (FR)


Julien de Casabianca – dubbed the Robin Hood of Street Art – takes art from museums in wealthy areas and pastes them in the poor. Here he gives a hilarious and poignant insight into what drives him to put art on the streets; a process which began with an unlikely discovery in his childhood home and continues today with portraits from The National Museum being freed along the banks of the Akerselva river.


Including over 200 images illustrating his career as a visual artist, filmmaker and founder of the global participatory art project – Outings Project – de Casabianca makes a compelling case for eschewing the canonical perceptions of art through his own deeply personal and moving journey into art.


“Someone cries at every lecture” he proudly proclaims. Test your resolve at the closing event of the Nuart RAD conference.



Outings Project is a global participatory art project that sees portraits of characters plucked from classical paintings and introduced into neglected public spaces. What began as a prank upon seeing Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’s portrait of Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière at the Louvre (“I wanted to help her get out, like Prince Charming trying to rescue the girl in the museum castle” says de Casabianca) has evolved into a full-time mission to democratize art by questioning the received authority of the museum.


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