Conference Day 2


Gentrify This

Discussion led by: Laima Nomeikaite (LT/NO) & Susan Hansen (AU/UK)


Panel: Carrie Reichardt (UK), Øystein Ringen Kristofferson (NO), Viktor Gjengaar (NO)


Street art – like Graffiti, Hip-hop and Punk before it – is a global movement that has transitioned from the margins to the mainstream: a vernacular culture that today bleeds into various aspects of society.


Key to the explosion of Street Art on a global scale was its easily-reproducible nature; democratic means of production, and widespread dissemination via new forms of technology. But what impact is the global popularity of street art and its subsequent instrumentalization by city councils, tourist boards and property speculators having on the movement? How can those engaged in street art practice successfully negotiate the rampant commodification of a culture prevacated on the sharing economy? How best to assimilate art and culture with corporate social responsibility programs in Norway…or is the fabric of our future cities dependent on movements such as street art flourishing in the cracks?



Carrie Reichardt is a self-titled ‘craftivist’ whose work often blurs the boundaries between craft and activism.  She has had a career spanning many media, including film, performance and sculpture but is perhaps best known as a ceramicist and mosaicist working internationally on large-scale public murals.


Øystein Ringen Kristoffersen is the majority owner of Senter for eiendomsfag – a private sector education initiative supported by the Norwegian real estate industries since 1997. Kristoffersen holds a MSc in real estate development and an Executive MBA in management control. He is the co-author of two books in Norwegian on real estate issues, the latest being published by Universitetsforlaget in January 2018. Currently he leads 20 specialized real estate network groups, which also includes CEOs from the top 200 real estate companies in Norway.


Viktor Gjengaar founded Urban Samtidskunst in 2012 and in Spring 2015 formalised a deal with Områdeløft Tøyen to curate murals for what is now called Tøyen utegalleri (outdoor gallery). He lobbied successfully for the formation of the Oslo Gatekunst Handlingsplan, a five-year program announced by Oslo Kommune in January 2016 to promote graffiti and street art as contemporary art forms in public space, and which Nuart RAD forms a key component. He is Deputy Mayor of Gamle Oslo and a representative of the Green party.


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