Conference Day 2



Presentation by Théo Le Du Fuentes aka Cosmografik (FR), followed by Q+A


If history as subculture and self-organised do-it-yourself practice is about ‘commoning’ and ‘levelling’; promoting the sharing of scholarly resources and countering the idea that history is solely the province of professional historians, then virtual reality is the latest frontier in challenging dominant historical narratives.


In this presentation, Théo Le Du Fuentes aka Cosmografik, from the History From Below international network and RaspouTeam collective in Paris, will talk about using cheap and affordable technology to tell history, not from the perspective of the victorious but from the other side, the “loser’s history”.



Théo Le Du Fuentes aka Cosmografik is a Paris-based interactive designer, whose work covers video games as well as animation and interactive art. He is a member of the History From Below network and RaspouTeam collective in Paris, who in 2011 celebrated the 140th anniversary of the Paris Commune by transmitting the memory of the revolution – a hidden episode in the history of the city – in the public space where freedoms are becoming significantly reduced.


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