Conference Day 1


Norwegian Street Art Practice

Presentations by:


Viktor Gjengaar (Director of Urban Samtidskunst in Oslo)
Eric Ness Christiansen (Graffiti artist, curator of UGANGprosjektet in Drammen)
Arne Vilhelm Tellefsen (Curator of KRS Gadekunstlaug in Kristiansand)
Linda Kristiansen (Curator of UpNorth Festival in Bodø, Northern Norway)
Cathrine Grasdal (Planner, Hordaland County Municipality)


Graffiti and street art have become significant artistic movements in Norway and around the world. Practices such as graffiti and street art disrupt the traditional processes of art curation that have dominated how art is displayed, enjoyed, and consumed.


Curatorial aspects of street art are complex and involve not just artists and galleries but a far more diverse network of interests than is typically seen with other contemporary art movements. Because street art exists in public space, curation also includes urban planners, policy-makers, law enforcement, and cultural institutions and may be undertaken by artists themselves working in the city or enacted through urban policies, street art galleries, festivals, and through cultural heritage and preservation mechanisms by municipalities or other institutions.


Street art curatorial practices are well developed in different Norwegian cities, from Stavanger’s Nuart Festival to Bergen’s self-organised street art practitioners to Oslo’s new Street Art Action Plan. Norway is thus an interesting case to explore the different modes of street art curation that have not been fully explored or discussed elsewhere.


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